Selling an Ugly Home

Selling an Ugly HomeAre you trying to sell an ugly home? If your home has seen better days, could use some minor renovations, or even a fresh coat of paint, you might feel like you’re out of luck. After all, what real estate agent would take that gamble? The answer: very few. It is unfortunate, but you’re not completely out of luck. It’s still possible to sell an ugly home. Let us tell you how!

Put Yourself Out on a Limb

Just because you think your home is ugly doesn’t mean a buyer will. There are plenty of home buyers out there who want a ‘fixer-upper’. They want to invest in an old property, renovate and refresh the house, and then sell it for a profit or live there for many years. Either way, they’re putting cash in your pocket.

But you won’t receive that money unless you try. If you sit around worrying that your house is too ugly to sell, then you’re already at a disadvantage. Give it a shot!

Focus on the Good

When selling an ugly house, focus on what makes the property unique. What aspects of the house stand out? Does it have a large island in the kitchen? What about a sunroom overlooking the backyard? These are fantastic aspects that can sell a home fast. A lot of buyers can look past the need for fresh paint or new flooring if there are features they love and want.

Sell to an Investor

Your other more lucrative option is to sell to an investor. A local real estate investor can look past any damage or age to see the value of the property. Even if you require extensive renovations, you can still receive a fast cash offer.

Most investors work is by buying the house outright, often within a week, and then hiring local contractors to repair and renovate the property. That way, they can then sell for more than they paid. But by then, you’ve got money in your account and are moving on with your life.

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