How to Know When It's Time to Sell Your House

Time to Sell Your HouseMany homeowners think about selling their house for quite a while before they take the plunge. Selling a house can be a complicated, time-consuming experience, so it’s no wonder that people tend to hesitate. How do you know whether it’s time to sell your house? Here are 8 surefire signs:

1. You’ve Been Planning to Move for Some Time

You may have been thinking about moving to a different city, either for work or for retirement. But your house could be holding you back. Many people envision an extremely lengthy and stressful process when they sell their home, but the reality is that it can be very easy if you work with a cash buyer.

2. The Local Market Is Getting Worse

Are you seeing property values starting to go static or even downward? If your local housing market isn’t great, it may be better to just get out of it and move to a different area altogether. While building equity is important, your patience may not be rewarded in a market that isn’t expanding quickly.

3. You Can’t Keep Up With Maintenance

Whether it’s because you’re aging or because you’re just busy, everyone comes to a point when they don’t feel they can successfully maintain their house. If you feel that your house is too big or just requires too much work, it’s time to sell your house before the situation becomes worse. It may be easier to keep a townhome or a condo clean and tidy.

4. Your House Needs Major Repairs

There’s maintenance, and then there’s major repairs. For example, you may need a new roof but can’t afford it right now. You may want to remodel the entire kitchen but lack the time or the money. If your house needs major repairs to sell, you don’t need to continue waiting. Cash buyers like us will take your house regardless of the repairs that are needed.

5. You Have Debts You Can’t Maintain

Is your house nearing foreclosure? Have you found yourself skipping certain bills? If you have debts you can’t maintain, it may be time for you to sell your house and move on to other things. Selling your house will give you money you can use to wipe out your existing debts, and you can move on and start saving.

6. You’re Ready to Get a Larger Home

Are you expecting an addition to your property? Or do you want to entertain more? Many people have a starter home they eventually want to upgrade to a larger property. If it’s time to start looking for your “forever home,” you may want to start by selling your current house. Even a once-beloved home may no longer fit your needs.

7. You’re Making Changes in Your Lifestyle

If you’re changing jobs, moving, or otherwise switching up your lifestyle, it may not be a great time to have the additional burden of a mortgage payment. When restructuring your life, getting rid of a home and starting to rent will give you greater flexibility. You’ll be able to focus on the changes that you’re making rather than having to worry about whether you can pay for your home.

8. You’re Holding On to a Second House

Did you inherit a house from a family member? It’s easy to end up with a second house for sentimental reasons, but if that house isn’t being lived in, then it’s going to be even more difficult to maintain. It may be better to think about selling it than paying to keep it maintained.

Is it time to sell your house? There’s no need to wait. Frank Buys Houses will take your house off your hands right now. We’ll make you a cash offer — no renovations or repairs needed. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.