Why Should I Sell My House?

Why Should I Sell My House

If you have been thinking of selling your home for a while but just could not get into favorable conditions, now may be a perfect time to make a move. Here are 7 reasons why selling your property may be the right thing to do: 

To Avoid Uncertainty

2020 was expected to be a great year. Mortgage approvals were on the rise, and the economy was doing pretty well, meaning that more and more people were interested in selling and buying homes. However, COVID-19 has changed everything, including the future of the real estate market. Now there is uncertainty about how home values will change as the year goes on. If you live in an area where property values are being impacted by COVID-19, then it may be smart to think about selling your home now, which will help you to avoid uncertainty. 

Low Mortgage Rates

In 2019, experts predicted that the mortgage rate would continue to rise. Instead, something unexpected happened — the 30-year fixed mortgage rate fell. This encouraged many new loan applicants to buy homes that they were not able to afford before. Experts predict that even though the mortgage rates may rise by 2% or 3%, they will still remain low. This means that you should not wait and sell your property.

You Can Make Good Money

In the past decade, the prices of homes have almost doubled. In 2020, sellers still can make a lot of money off their properties. However, as experts say, this will not last long. This year many homeowners had to reduce the prices on their homes, and you will have to do the same if you wait too long. 

Shorter Listings Times

It is obvious that no one likes having a For Sale sign on their lawn for a long time. The longer your home is listed, the more likely you will need to cut the price to finally find a buyer. The good thing is that over the past few years, long listing times have not been an issue. Even in 2020, short listing times have been characteristic of the real estate market since the pandemic began. 

Low competition

The coronavirus has scared many sellers from listing their homes, which means you will have fewer homes to compete with if you decide to sell your home now. There are still home buyers interested in purchasing homes, and fewer sellers will help you sell your home faster for a better price. It is always good to enter the real estate market without high competition.

You Need to Upgrade

Perhaps your family got bigger, and now you do not have enough space in your house. Or maybe you have always wanted to own a house with a backyard. In any case, if you feel you have already outgrown your current home, it is time to sell it and move into a bigger one. 

You Are Not Satisfied With the Location Anymore 

Do you still like the area where you live? Is it inconvenient to get to the office in the morning, or do you have to leave earlier to be at work on time? If so, then you probably should consider getting a new home in a better and more convenient location. You may also want to be closer to your parents, children, or other family members. 

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