What Are Some Tips for Selling Your Home ‘For Sale by Owner’?

What Are Some Tips for Selling Your Home 'For Sale by Owner'?

Selling your house is a big deal. You already know that. You’ve thought it through carefully. You know what you’re getting into, and you know what you want to get out of the process. In fact, you’ve done enough research to know that hiring a real estate agent is going to cost you a lot of money. They usually take 5-6% or more from the total sale of the house. That’s a lot of money, and you have to wonder: If you sold the house yourself, could you pocket that cash? The answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to know. These tips can help you if you’re thinking about selling a home yourself.

Study the Market

When it all comes down to it, the price is the single biggest factor in negotiating a home sale. You need to know the real market value for your home — which is likely different from your expectations. This knowledge can help you gauge whether you should take a risk to get a little extra money or will settle for a little less just to close a sale. Without market knowledge, you will never sell a house that is priced too high, and you don’t want to lose money by selling too low.

The real estate agents you are avoiding hiring all have similar advice on this topic. One of the biggest obstacles to selling a house is homeowners who don’t understand the market and the current value of their homes. With a little research, it doesn’t have to be a hurdle for you.

Prep the House

In a manner of speaking, you aren’t really selling a house. You’re selling an idea. You want to appeal to your prospective buyers on elementary levels. Mostly, that means making the house look inviting. Clean the exterior. Declutter everything in the house (including the garage). Spruce up the things that may have been neglected a little too long. You may also consider getting a professional photographer to get amazing pictures for your online listings.

The goal is to make visitors like their visiting experience. That’s what sells a house.


If you aren’t a realtor, you can’t list the house on traditional real estate resources. That means you have to get the word out another way. Online resources are amazing. You’ll definitely want to fully engage social media, but you can be on less exclusive resources too. Sites like Zillow are available for listing even if you don’t have a real estate license. Browse all of the tools to get the best deals for the most exposure.


Showing the house and dealing with the process will be inconvenient. The time involved will add to your existing workload, and it will probably feel exhausting. If you commit and give the home sale efforts all of your energy, it will become a short-term pain with long-term benefits. By selling the house yourself, you can save a lot of money from realtor fees. You’ll also be earning every penny of that extra money. Make the internal commitment and stick it out.

Sell Straight to a Property Investor

With all of that said, there is an easier way. There are property investors who want to buy your house right now as-is. All you have to do is find one, and that’s a lot easier than it seems. Frank Buys Houses is an investment group that will pay cash for your home. You don’t have to list it. You don’t have to network. You don’t even have to clean the place. Just fill out the contact form, and the experts will take it from there. You can get a no-commitment offer and see what you can get for your house with absolutely no effort.