What are the Most Expensive Home Repairs?

Expensive Home Repairs

​​​​​​​Few things can give you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach like the need for major home repairs. They’re expensive, take a lot of time, and can outright ruin your daily life until they’re done. In fact, these types of problems are exactly why home insurance exists. But even with insurance, some repairs can still take a lot of money out of your pocket. These are some of the most expensive repairs that can strike a home. They’re the big problems you want to try to avoid.


Although repairing siding doesn’t have to be expensive — fixing a small patch could cost as little as $100 — major siding replacements are incredibly expensive. For an average-sized home, you could be looking at well over $10,000. Siding is expensive because it has to be weatherproof, and you want it to look good. Getting both is neither cheap nor easy.


On average, foundation repairs are the very most expensive of all. While siding can cost more than foundation repairs in some cases, fixing a damaged foundation is never easy, and it’s rarely cheap. At the low end, these repairs usually cost around $1,000. At the high end, they can get well above $10,000.

Nothing in the house is more important than the foundation. It’s also difficult to access for repair. (There’s that whole issue with a house sitting on the foundation.) Because of the complicated repair methods, foundations are expensive.


Mold is one of the main reasons water damage is so devastating. It can get deep inside the walls and even into the foundation. It’s also bad for your health, making it an essential repair. Mold removal typically costs thousands of dollars, but unless you have a particularly huge problem (or a big house), mold removal usually costs less than foundation repair. Of course, needing both is a worst-case scenario, but it’s not uncommon since both stem from water damage.


Some roof problems are minor and easy to fix. Others aren’t so nice. Worst of all is the fact that every roof will inevitably need to be replaced every decade or two. Roof repairs typically run in the thousands of dollars. The final price will depend on the design of the roof, the size of the roof, the materials used in the roofing, and the extent of the damage. Even with all of those variables, you should never assume that you can get through a roof repair cheaply.


For starters, HVAC units themselves are expensive. Just getting the new compressor (or whichever unit has failed) can start at hundreds of dollars and easily run into the thousands. That doesn’t include installation. It also doesn’t include HVAC adjustments. It’s pretty common for a new unit to come with new ventilation recommendations. This is especially true in homes that are more than 20 years old. You might need a new intake vent or learn the new system will run more efficiently if you adjust the ducting. All of that adds up quickly and can cost thousands.

Major repairs on a house are frustrating, frightening, and intimidating. Hopefully, you have good insurance that can help you through the process. Sometimes, though, it’s just easier to sell the home. If you’re considering getting out of major repairs by unloading a property near Stockton, CA, fill out a contact form with Frank Buys Houses. You can get a no-commitment offer on your home and see if it might be the better route to deal with a major problem.