Home Renovations Worth Every Penny When Selling Your House

Home Renovations Worth Every Penny

When you’re preparing to sell your house, you’ll be faced with a dilemma early on. Do you make repairs and pay for home renovations? Or do you skip that process and pocket that money instead? It’s a question that homeowners have struggled with for decades. You could be investing good money into the home and get your money back when you sell. On the other hand, those extra renovations may not make a difference.

Here are the top home renovations worth every penny when selling your house!

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. They’re what people want. As such, investing money into repairs or renovations in either room will see quite the return during your sale.

In a recent survey, many homeowners wound up seeing a return of 182 percent when they sold after a bathroom remodeling job. The kitchen is often a little more expensive to renovate, but also sees a return of over 100 percent in most major cities.

Additional Space

Extra space can also help sell a home quickly. The more space in the house for storage, activities, and a growing family, the better. Therefore, if you invest money in adding a new room or closet, you’ll wind up recuperating your cost many times over when you sell.

Curb Appeal

As one of the cheapest renovations you can make, improving the curb appeal of your property is a sound decision. You can pay for a new door, exterior paint, landscaping, etc. These additions don’t cost much—when compared to a kitchen remodel—and often see a return during a sale.

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