Sell Your Patterson, CA House On Your Terms From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Sell your house without the hassle of making repairs or going through months of uncertainty. We Buy Houses in Stockton, Modesto, Tracy and surrounding cities. Tell us about your home below to get started.

Get Cash for Your Patterson, CA Home, No Matter the Condition

It wasn’t long ago that selling a house in Patterson, CA, was a long, drawn-out process. In the past, you had one option. You sold your home using a real estate agent. They took a large cut of the profits and charged you a fee for their service. The world has changed, though. We here at Frank Buys Houses want to offer you cash for your Patterson, CA, home. We completely look past the condition and style!

Buying Houses with Cash

We have streamlined our home selling process to offer you more money in less time. That’s right, you heard us. More money for your house – it’s a good thing!

We buy houses with cash in Patterson, CA. That money can be used to repay your loans, buy a bigger house, or travel the country!

Sell Your House Fast in Patterson

Do you want to sell in as little as one week? It’s entirely possible. Here at Frank Buys Houses, we close on your schedule. If you want to wait, then we’re happy to wait with you. If you want to push through the process, then give us a call today to get started!

We Even Buy Houses in Disrepair in Patterson

Your house is certainly worth something even with noticeable damage or signs of age. In the past, we have purchases houses that require:

  • New electrical and plumbing systems
  • New windows and doors
  • More efficient locks
  • Deep renovations

If your house requires any of these tasks, give us a call!

Why We Are the Best Choice to Sell Your Home

There are a number of fantastic reasons to choose Frank Buys Houses when selling a house in Patterson, CA.

  • We pay cash
  • We guide you through the entire process
  • We do not charge any fees or commissions
  • We buy “as-is” properties
  • We close on your schedule

About Patterson

Patterson, part of the Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area, enjoys bright sunshine, cool breezes, and plenty of culture from a booming population. Known as the “Apricot Capital of the World,” we host the regular Apricot Fiesta with drinks, food, desserts, and games to enjoy.

When you’re ready to sell your house in Patterson, CA, call Frank Buys Houses at 209-395-1355!

How Our Process Works

The traditional home-selling process is full of stress. It can involve months of watching your house sit on the market, buyers backing out, tedious negotiations about who will repair what, and pushy realtors. That’s why our mission is to make selling your home fair and simple. Our 3-step process allows you to sell your home on your timeline while still receiving a fair offer.

Our Work Process Step 1

Step 1

Meet With Us At Your Home Or Send Us Pictures

We review the details of your home and set an appointment to meet with you or receive pictures of your property.

Our Work Process Step 2

Step 2

Meet With Us At Your Home Or Send Us Pictures

We will walk the property with you. Once we view the property or pictures that you send us, we present you with a fair cash offer.

Our Work Process Step 3

Step 3

Choose Your Closing Date And Move On Your Schedule

We can close on your schedule, whether you need a fast or slow closing. Sell your house on your terms without a real estate agent.

Frank G. Silveria III

About Frank G. Silveria III

Frank Silveria III has been a real estate investor for over 20 years. This experience helps him determine exactly how much a home is worth and how to get the most value out of it. He and his team are dedicated to helping people get out of tricky situations by getting them the cash they need as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for a home buying company that you can trust in the Stockton area, look no further than the team at Frank Buys Houses. We’ve built our company in a way that focuses not only on what’s good for us, but what’s good for you as the seller as well. We know how important integrity, transparency, and communication are during this process, and we strive to provide these at each interaction to not just tell you but to show you that we’re trustworthy.

We Can Buy Your House No Matter Your Situation

Sometimes, you just need to sell your house fast. If you go through the traditional real estate process, that’s not always easy to do. However, when you work with us, we can take your house off your hands no matter its condition and no matter your situation. Are you facing foreclosure? Does your house need extensive repairs? Do you need to move quickly? No matter what, we can offer you a fast cash offer for your house.

Any Reason

Any Condition

Any Challenge

No Need To Clean Or Make Repairs!!!

This video will show you when Frank Buys Houses Houses “as-is”, He means As-Is and in ANY condition. You don’t have to make any repairs or clean. You can walk away and leave your house exactly how it is, no matter how bad. If there’s trash, clothes, furniture, unwanted appliances, boxes, or the property is dirty, that’s ok. We can still buy your house!

Get A Fair Cash Offer On Your Home Without The Hassle Of Listing

We are not trying to list your home. We actually want to buy your home. Since we buy houses with cash, we are able to close quickly or on the timeframe that you choose. There is no need to wait for a bank. We operate on your schedule and will design our offer to fit your best interests.

The best part about our service is that there are no hidden fees, closing costs, appraisals, or banks coming to approve or deny a loan. This is why we have been so successful at buying houses since 2015.

We buy properties in Tracy, Stockton, and Modesto areas. We buy houses, multifamily properties, land, and commercial property. We will make you a fair cash offer on your home no matter what condition it is in. Avoid the pain and frustration of dealing with your home. Call us today and sell your house on your terms.

Get A Fair Cash Offer On Your Home Without The Hassle Of Listing
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