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What Does It Mean When a Home Is Condemned

Do you own a house that’s on the verge of being condemned? Or perhaps you own a home that already holds that designation? If so, you should know that the property you own — including the house — is still worth something. And even if it’s seriously damaged or in violation of several building codes, you can still address the issues and reverse the designation or sell your house. But you need to act quickly because condemnation is a legal process that could ultimately cause you to lose your property.

Before you take measures to fix things or attempt to sell your house, you should understand a few things first. Let’s take a look at what it means when your house is condemned, what your options are, and who might buy a condemned home.

What Is a Condemned House?

A condemned house is a house that’s been deemed unfit for occupancy by local governing authorities. Usually, homes get condemned because they’re in serious disrepair and violate building codes, health codes, or both. Ultimately, a condemned home presents a danger to health or life. So when a home gets condemned, the owner or occupants are required to vacate the premises, usually within 30 days of receiving notice.

What Might Cause a House to Be Condemned?

Although it takes some fairly serious damage and deterioration to prompt condemnation of a home, it may not take quite as much as you’d expect. A house doesn’t necessarily need to be falling apart to be given that designation. Some of the most common reasons Stockton homes are condemned include:

  • Long-standing roof leaks that cause black mold and rot
  • Serious foundation damage
  • Structural damage left unaddressed
  • Extensive termite damage
  • Abandonment and dilapidation

Homes can also be condemned when there are seriously unsanitary living conditions inside that present a health hazard to occupants. Houses constructed with unsafe building materials — such as materials containing asbestos — can also be condemned as such materials can cause serious and potentially fatal health problems.

What Are Your Options When Your House Is Condemned?

When you receive notice from the local government that your house is being condemned for health or safety reasons, you can choose one of the following three options.

Bring Your Property Up to Date

If you want to keep the house and eventually live in it, you must address all health and safety issues that resulted in its condemnation. This will likely involve significant investments into repairs and updates because your house will need to pass a thorough inspection before its condemned status can be reversed.

Fight the Condemnation in Court

If you don’t agree with the condemnation, you can fight it in court. However, if your home clearly has glaring health and safety issues, going to court probably isn’t worth your time. If the house doesn’t pass inspection, no amount of arguing your case will reverse its condemned status.

Sell the House

Even with health and/or safety hazards present, it’s legal to sell a condemned house. But be aware that when your home has that designation, your pool of prospective buyers is going to be remarkably small. Very few traditional buyers are willing to pour money into a condemned house just so they can move in. But certain real estate investors may be willing to help you.

Who Will Buy a Condemned House?

If you want to sell a condemned house, your best bet is to get in touch with a Stockton cash home buyer. These types of buyers are real estate investors who not only have the cash on hand to purchase your home outright but also the resources to bring the home up to date.

A cash buyer can make you an offer no matter what kind of condition your condemned house is in. But keep in mind that any offer you get will reflect the amount of work that needs to be done. You’ll get a fair cash offer for your house in as-is condition, and if you accept, you can close the deal in a matter of days.

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